Primary focus

Instika Community Projects is an organisation that seeks to alleviate some of the challenges that people in our communities face. The organisation falls under the REACH SA denomination in Port Elizabeth. Intsika aims to assist communities by sharing skills and resources that will empower community members.

We want the project to benefit all community members whether directly by participating in the programme, or indirectly as the change in the participants positively impacts families and the wider community. 


  1. Academic Assistance Programme

The goal of the academic assistance programme is to assist children with some of the academic challenges they face. The programme focuses on providing support, through homework clubs, to help learners with their academic performance. Currently the homework clubs are run at Walmer High School and Kuyga Primary School. 

      2. Mentorship Programme 

The goal of the mentorship programme is to help the children cope with personal issues they experience. Primarily, the programme is meant to build a mentorship relationship between children and young adults. The children get the opportunity to learn from someone who plays the role of an older sibling in their lives. 

The Intsika community projects  are run by Ntsiki Mgxabayi, a qualified social worker. To find out more information on the projects - contact Ntsiki or send an email to